Our Commitment to You

We pledge to you, our customer, from the initial design drawings to the walk through of your finished project, your project will be completed in a professional manner meeting your high expectations of product quality and craftsmanship.

Our peace of mind pledge is further supported by manufacturers’ product and labor warranties and Heartlands’ complete labor warranty, our equivalent to the automobile industries “bumper-to-bumper” guarantee.

Gorgeous Outdoor Room - Attention to Details by Heartlands Home Building Company, Missouri, USA

Fully Retractable Screen Room - Commitment to Quality is Shown by Heartlands Home Building Company

To see our commitment from start to finish, read our new home construction process. We are equally meticulous when building additions, renovations and screen rooms, as shown by our customers’ comments.

View our work in the photo gallery, or find out more about Heartlands through our company information page.

Service Sells Heartlands Homes

Heartlands’ position on service is that it does not cost, it sells!

Chances are we have worked hard to gain you as a customer and we will work hard to retain you as a customer. Whether you need a screen repaired or want a new front door, we encourage you call us (toll free! 800-728-0026) and let us help you!

Our founder’s position is that great service does not cost, it sells, as proven by how our customers are proud to refer us to others and use Heartlands on their next custom home build, renovation or addition project. Our commitment to providing you with quality service means more word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers and we would rather put our marketing dollars towards providing great service than advertisements in the local media.

While we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and services, should future service be required, our customers enjoy a live voice at the other end of the phone and a quick response.