Outdoor Living Rooms

Individually Designed & Built

Our outdoor spaces are built to our exacting standards. Heartlands gives you an individually designed addition which is uniquely yours and optimized to fit and blend with the décor of your home, property and lifestyle. Heartlands individually designed and built projects are not to be confused with common factory made porch enclosures offered by companies who may claim to be our competitors. While a factory product may be a viable addition for your home it is not the same as the custom additions we deliver.

In designing your outdoor room, Heartlands design team will help you define how you plan to use your additional space. Our screen rooms and decks are among the most valuable and popular home upgrades, enhanced by a broad range of features and the quality craftsmanship our customers have grown to expect.

Outdoor Living At It’s Best

Outdoor rooms are the latest trend in enhancing the overall enjoyment of your home. An outdoor room can be a screen room, deck or a patio space designed with features consistent with your lifestyle. Even after a hot sticky day, an evening in a screen room with ceiling fans providing a breeze and free of the nuisance of mosquitoes and other insects can be very enjoyable.

Screen Rooms

Your screen room can be whatever you need. It can allow the outdoors in while keeping bugs out. It can provide shelter from showers, sun or wind while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air. When designed with retractable screens, you can instantly merge indoors and outdoors.

You can use your uniquely designed screen room or outdoor room for:

  • Entertaining, perhaps with sitting and dining areas;
  • Relaxing, complete with a hot tub and/or outdoor fireplace;
  • Additional living space, perhaps with an outdoor cooking area;
  • An informal guest room created by adding curtains and a daybed;
  • A personal retreat with a library, entertainment center, or home theater system;
  • A garden area with exotic plants; or

Your own special place, connecting the indoors and out.

Our screen rooms are constructed of the highest quality materials and designed to blend seamlessly with your current home. No one will ever mistake your screen room for an out-of-the-box add-on.

Your Heartlands screen room or outdoor living area will include:

  • A design that matches your home, right down to the same roof line and materials;
  • Your choice of materials, colors, shape and style;
  • Complete flexibility for indoor-outdoor living, with optional retractable screens to bring the outdoors in, or solar screens to keep the burning sun out;
  • Installation of all wiring, fans, lighting and heat sources such as fireplaces, and heat lamps, to match your planned use; and

A quality product finished on-budget that meets your high expectations.

The designed and built screen rooms crafted by Heartlands put you in control. Starting with our initial design meeting we begin to quantify your needs and wants and then jointly design the size, shape, features, style, colors and the finishing materials.

Unlike a factory-made screen room – which will always appear as if it has been tacked on to your home – a Heartlands screen room will be designed to blend with your existing architecture and setting.

Our screen rooms or a screen room deck combination are one-of-a-kind, designed specifically for you, and constructed by our highly-skilled carpenters and tradesmen known as “The Screen Team®”.

Unlike screen room installers who employ low-skilled labor to assemble out-of-the-box kits, Heartlands team members are properly trained and supervised by a seasoned professional.


A sun deck is the basis of a great outdoor room for homes with varying terrain. Heartlands will design and build a beautiful and functional deck for you with many great features.  To prevent the common problems of decks deteriorating and even failing, there are steps we take and materials we use. It is important that proper flashing is used to keep out air and moisture and divert water away from the home, so Heartlands uses Cofair® flashing products. Proper fasteners, from nuts and bolts to screws and joist hangers, are always used to ensure a long life for every deck we build.

There are many new decking materials available that are very durable and low maintenance. See information about decking and railing choices under Decking.  Choose from features such as a stone faced wood burning or gas fireplace, a cooking area with built in grill, appliances and storage, seating areas and hot tubs.

Covered Patios

A patio isn’t just a slab of concrete adjacent to your kitchen. Pergolas, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, lighting and water features really make a patio special. Stamped concrete is a popular choice because of the endless combinations of patterns and colors with a lower price tag than natural stone.

Real Testimonial from Real Clients - Heartlands Home added gorgeous outdoor living space with a McKearn Fireplace as an addition to this Town & Country Home in Missouri


A pergola is a great choice if you want diffused light and or just to highlight an area. They are also great for climbing or hanging plants.

Outdoor Kitchens

Add an outdoor kitchen to your deck, patio or screen room and expand your entertaining possibilities. An outdoor kitchen can include a built in grill, refrigerator, warming drawer, sink and of course storage and counters for both food preparation and serving. An outdoor kitchen is a great addition if you have a pool or just like to spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Because of the recent popularity of outdoor rooms and in particular outdoor kitchens, a lot of great weather resistant products have come on the market. Appliances and cabinets are rated for the outdoors and granite countertops are perfect to surround your built-in grill and to serve tasty barbeque to your family and friends.


A fireplace with a custom masonry surround will give your screen room, deck or patio a warm and beautiful focal point. Choose from a variety of materials and either wood burning or we can run a gas line and you can have a fire with the flip of a switch.


A custom fire pit can be wood or gas burning with a design to accent your outdoor living space.

stamped concrete patio with fire pit