Use Corte-Clean® to Prevent Your Deck from Mold

It is fall cleaning time, and along with the fall comes cooler and damper weather. Mold loves nothing more than to show up under these conditions, so we wanted you to know how to protect your deck from mold and other fungi before it is too late.

Here at Heartlands, we highly recommend using Corte-Clean® composite deck cleaner. Corte-Clean® is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and contains no chlorine bleach or toxic smell.

It safely cleans all common stains, mold and mildew stains, grease, oil, rust, and barbecue spots. It is non-corrosive to structural decking material, is proven to work exactly as advertised, and recommended by major composite manufacturers.

Cleaning your composite deck can save you time and money. If the spores/seeds from mold and other fungi exist, receive moisture, and are allowed to root, the stains can begin to saturate.

Proactively applying Corte-Clean® before stains occur, or at least when you first notice them, generally costs you up to half the money. This is because Corte-Clean® should be used at up to half strength and generally takes two-thirds less time and labor.

Use up any remaining Corte-Clean® you have before it goes beyond its “best if used by” date. If you need more, stop by Heartlands’ showroom Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to stock up.

Fall Cleaning Time | How to Apply Corte-Clean® for Proactive Use
  • Mix up to 2.5 scoops of Corte-Clean® powder per gallon of water
  • Spray on dry deck, before it rains or snows
  • When Corte-Clean® no longer turns dirty or discolored, allow to dry on weathered surfaces
  • Allow natural moisture to thoroughly rinse prior to use, or use a hose and water

Following these directions will generally clean any stains while preventing new ones. Save yourself time and money by proactively cleaning your composite deck at least twice yearly, spring and fall or when stains appear.

Click the video below for the Corte-Clean® training video, where they will explain the best practices for cleaning your composite deck.