Heartlands Building Process

The following building process describes how we handle new home construction. However, we take the same care and follow the same principles with all our projects, including home renovations, home additions and screen room installations. When you hire Heartlands, you hire the best.

The Builder

“Peace of Mind”

  • The builder you’ve chosen is a true custom builder.
  • The builder you’ve chosen has a passion for carpentry and a commitment to craftsmanship.
  • You work directly with the builder.
  • The builder is in your home regularly, making sure things are being done properly.
  • The builder assists you and coordinates in the design of your home, then articulates your ideas to the carpenters; there are no extra layers and no misunderstandings.
  • The builder returns your calls; there is no buffer or middle-man.
  • The builder ensures that you’re a satisfied customer.
  • The builder creates an unforgettable experience of service and craftsmanship.

The Framing

“Confidence in Quality”

  • Perfect framing delivers perfect results.
  • Our homes are framed by Heartlands carpenters.
  • All framing is plum, square and tight.
  • If you want a house to perform over time, you will want Heartlands to frame it.
  • Our framers take great pride in what the client never sees.
  • Framing is a lost art. Walk one of our framed houses, then walk one of our competitors’. A novice will see the difference; an expert will be amazed.

Forgotten Framing Habits

“Doing it Right for Your Comfort”

  • We square up all houses on the foundation before framing starts.
  • We level all houses on the foundation before framing starts.
  • Our sub-floor nailing schedule exceeds industry standards.
  • We still use cripples and jacks on all doors.
  • We set all windows after the wall is stood to assure a perfect set.
  • We triple nail all studs.
  • We use cull doors to assure against dents or scratches.
  • We lay silicone under all doors to assure against leakage.
  • We double-check all material for any defects and replace before it is covered.
  • We clean your home at the end of each stage of the project and maintain an orderly and debris free appearance for you, your new neighbors and community. In addition, and with your approval, the builder will provide 24-hour contact information to your neighbors should they have a concern with the condition of the site, traffic, parking, etc. We’ve got a great attitude and take great pride in what we do.
  • We know we have the finest carpenters in town.

Forgotten Materials

“What You Expect”

  • Material has become very expensive. Most builders have gone to less expensive, poorer quality alternative materials. Heartlands hasn’t.
  • We still build with wood, not plastic and particle board.
  • We use Advantac plywood on our floors to assure a lifetime of service, not particle board that will need to be replaced the first time it gets rained on during the construction of your home.
  • To assure a straight wall, we use 2×4 and 2×6 spruce studs, not 2×3 or 2×4 Douglas fir.
  • We still use half-inch fir plywood on our roofs, not particle board.
  • We use engineered floor systems for our sub-floor supports.

The Heartlands Process

“Planning is the Key to Success”

  • We begin with a pre-construction meeting where you will meet Heartlands’ construction manager and review in detail the necessary building stages of your home. We want to be absolutely sure we understand what you want.
  • Our foundation crew is an industry leader, with the owner of the company personally on-site during the setting and pouring of your foundation. They pour immaculate walls that are level and square. They also double-check that no debris is left in the over dig to protect against undue settling and termite problems.
  • We then snap the ties and dab them with tar before the water-proofing takes place. This method gives double protection to the water-proofing process – a minor but important task for water-protection years from now. Your home will include the foundation drain system.
  • The foundation then sits for a minimum of 7 day in curing time. Backfilling any sooner would seriously jeopardize the integrity of the wall. Heartlands never gets in a hurry when it comes to quality.
  • The steel beams, columns and first floor sub-floor are then delivered, and only these materials. We will deliver the wall load when we need it and the roof load when we need that. It is very important to Heartlands not to deliver the whole load at once and not allow it to sit in unnecessary conditions. We also cover construction materials in the winter.
  • After the sub-floor is delivered, Heartlands framing crew arrives to begin construction — not a sub-contractor running and gunning for hours and profits. This is very important to Heartlands. We use our employees, assigning tasks based on their strengths and attention to detail. Framing a home is different than finishing, but attention to detail pays dividends in fitting cabinets, bookshelves, arched openings, and etc.
  • After the home is completely framed, a series of quality checks are performed by the builder. We then walk the home with you and inspect to assure accuracy.
  • The electrician, plumber and HVAC contractors arrive as scheduled. We use the same professionals and they are never rushed.
  • Heartlands performs a very unique process after the sub-contractors pull out and before the home gets insulated and dry walled. Our laborer comes in, cleans the house, and then blows it out with a compressor, eliminating dust and debris from within the walls.
  • Another unique process at this point is that floor register covers are installed to eliminate debris falling into the duct work.
  • After the drywall is installed and finished, the home is painted. The home is sprayed, then back-rolled with the finest new construction paint on the market. It is important to point out that the painted surfaces are cleaned of dust and debris before painting commences. Painting over such dust and debris yields a finished product that is not acceptable to this builder. The painting of the interior is an area we should discuss to yield a truly custom home. The color selection and painting methods are important to the final product and you may wish to consult with an interior designer on the finish package bringing together cabinets and counters, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, flooring, and of course wall and ceiling colors and textures.
  • After the home gets its two coats of paint, the floors are scraped and inspected for flaws by the builder. Then the solid floors are installed.
  • After we install the floors, we cover them wall-to-wall. The cover is taped down tight to protect your new floors during final finishing.
  • If there is a carpet installation, our laborer vacuums the home before carpet goes in – it is just not logical to cover the dust! This attention to detail blows our clients away!
  • The builder will inspect the floors once more and then the carpet is laid.
  • After the carpet is laid, the laborer will cover the floors from wall to wall, in order to protect the new carpet.
  • Heartlands trim carpenters then arrive and put their touch to your home. Nobody holds a candle to this crew. These individuals are employees of Heartlands with a passion for quality.
  • The trim carpenters complete the punch list for the house. They will fine tune doors, cabinets, caulk, etc.
  • When this is complete, the painter returns to re-roll and touch up the entire house.
  • After the trim carpenters and other sub-contractors leave the house, we walk it and inspect the home for flaws and follow up.
  • Now the home goes through a series of quality checks. Before the final client walk-through, all items are fixed.
  • We walk the home with the client. We know every inch of the home at this point.
  • Home project closed. You move into your sparkling new home.

The Service Program

“Your Home Made More Enjoyable”

  • Our service mission statement: To provide a timely response and action to any and all issues. These service issues will then be tracked by Heartlands until completion.
  • A tailored walk-though checklist will be prepared and used as a basis for our 3 and 10 month walk-through.
  • We employ a representative in the office to assure customers are being taken care of during and after the closing of your home. They, as well as the builder and construction manager, will be available to you through email, phone or fax. The builder will also provide his home phone number and cell number.
  • After closing, any remaining items from the pre-closing walk-through are recorded, and service orders are generated and tracked until completion.
  • Heartlands provides a one-year warranty from date of closing or the completion of the service issue.
  • At the three month walk-through, any service items are addressed in addition to completing the tailored checklist.
  • Drywall settling and paint touch up issues are addressed at the 10 month walk-through. Heartlands will only be responsible for touching up walls painted by Heartlands prior to closing.

Construction Schedule

“Dedication to the Custom Customer”



  • Plan review meeting with you, and builder meetings with electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors.
  • Stage 1: Stake out home and excavate. Pour footings and foundation.
  • Stage 2: Backfill foundation.
  • Stage 3: Sub-floor and walls framed.
  • Stage 4: Set trusses and sheath roof.
  • Stage 5: Mechanical roughs: HVAC duct rough, plumbing rough, electrical rough, pre-wire phone, TV outlets, data and security, central vacuum system.
  • Walk-through and any required municipal “rough-in” inspections.
  • Stage 6: Wall insulation installed. Hang drywall.
  • Stage 7: Tape drywall. Paint drywall.
  • Stage 8: Cabinets and countertops installed.
  • Stage 9: Doors and millwork installed and painted.
  • Stage 10: Flooring installed. Mechanical finish — HVAC, plumbing, electric. cleaning.
  • Stage 11: Final trim and cleaning. Final inspections as required by your municipality.
  • New Home Orientation (pre-closing inspection and walk-through)
  • Stage 12: Closing and move-in.