Benefits of Adding a Custom Concrete Surface

Adding a concrete surface to your new or existing space has many benefits. Not only is it beautiful, but it is an addition that adds flexibility to your outdoor living lifestyle. Below we discuss a few of the many benefits of adding a custom concrete surface!

Longevity and Durability

The last thing a homeowner wants is to add a feature to their home that only lasts a year or two. With the proper maintenance, concrete surfaces can last for many years.  A stamped concrete patio will not sink and shift like a paver patio, for example. It should move more evenly and will hold up through high foot traffic areas.

Outdoor kitchen next to a fireplace


Stamped concrete surfaces can be added virtually anywhere. Many of our projects include concrete surfaces under outdoor rooms, on open patios, in pool houses, and more! Not only can they be used for different spaces, but it also allows for flexible decorating and furnishing. The style of stamped concrete we use prevents tables and chairs from wobbling. This benefit of adding a concrete surface allows you to place furniture where it best fits your lifestyle.

Easier Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning structures around your home can cause a headache. Unlike many other surfaces, stamped concrete surfaces are easy to maintain. Every year or so, stamped concrete can be resealed to maintain its color and shine. Like most materials, long sun exposure can cause fading. Sealing your stamped concrete surface will help prevent it from fading.

It is also important to note that you should try to avoid putting salt on your stamped concrete surface in the winter. Often, this causes the sealer to wear off and break down.

Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

At home entertaining spaces are a must, especially in the summer months! A concrete patio surface makes a great spot for entertaining. It allows flexibility with setting up tables, chairs, etc. It is also easy to clean up after the party by sweeping, spraying it off with a hose, and even washing it with soap and water.

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