Updates to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience

Do you love your outdoor space, but feel like something is missing? Creating the perfect outdoor space can sometimes be thrown on the back burner. Rest assured, there are ways to update your existing space to give you everything you’ve ever wanted. Here are a few updates that will help you enhance your outdoor living experience.

Cover Your Existing Patio

If you have an existing patio that you do not use often, consider adding a roof! Not only will a roof help shade the space, but it helps with the flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Many choose to add other features like an outdoor kitchen or a fireplace to add a homey feel.

Update Your Old Decking

Throughout the years, decking materials, like cedar, begin to age and start to lose their beauty and durability. If your existing decks support structure is still sound, consider updating your decking material! We prefer composite decking, as it is low maintenance and lasts many years. Check out a recent photo of a composite deck that we built 11 years ago below!

Add a Patio and Fire-Pit Area

Patios and fire-pits are a favorite feature for many. Between cool summer nights and chilly fall evenings, a fire-pit is a simple option to enhance your outdoor living experience. Add a stamped concrete area around the fire-pit for comfortable seating. This will allow you to have a spot to enjoy for many years and seasons to come!

Add Heaters to Your Outdoor Room

Most love spending time outdoors in the summertime, so why not extend the lifespan of your outdoor space? Adding header mounted heaters or a patio heater is a great way to add comfort to your space. We use the InfraTech brand of header mounted heaters, which produce a substantial amount of heat to keep you comfortable outdoors!

Screen Your Existing Covered Deck

Many homeowners find that it is difficult to enjoy the outdoors during the summer, especially in Missouri, due to mosquitoes. One of our favorite solutions to prevent pests is to create screen room areas! At Heartlands, we have our own custom screen room system that we can add to new spaces that we build from start to finish, or to your existing space!

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