Under-Deck Systems

Under-deck drainage systems help drain the water away from your patio into a gutter system. This technology helps to keep the lower area clean and dry. Under-deck drainage systems are designed to allow them to fit virtually every area. Heartlands’ under-deck drainage systems add value to your patio and give the underside of your deck a nice, finished appearance.

Heartlands crafts under-deck system using InsideOut, an all-aluminum construction with a baked-on or powder coated finish. In addition, we distribute DuxxBak decking boards, which integrate the drain channel within the actual deck board. Both systems give you the benefit of a low maintenance and rust proof product. Heartlands’ under-deck systems also come in a variety of colors and wood grain finishes.

Adding an under-deck system to your Heartlands project will add even more usable space. When meeting with heartlands about a new deck, or an elevated outdoor surface project, also mention under-decking!

The Screen Team® will be happy to incorporate an under-deck system in your new space! You can use the space under your deck for a screen enclosure, storage area, or just a place to sit and visit with friends and family.

Notably, it is costly to add under decking to an existing deck. We are no longer bidding individual under-decking projects by themselves. We are only bidding systems that are also included in an entire scope of a deck and/or an elevated space project.