Safe Gathering Ideas for the 2020 Holiday Season

As 2020 keeps trekking along, many have been searching for ways to keep the holiday spirit and fun alive, safely. Figuring out ways to make this possible can be a difficult task. We have created a short list of safe gathering ideas for this holiday season!

Host a Game Night via Zoom

Zoom meetings seem to be the way of life now-a-days. Why not host a game night via zoom? Here are a few games to play:

  1. Jackbox Party Games. Jackbox is a virtual pack of games which you are able to purchase on most smart devices, gaming consoles, and computer systems. To play this game, users will use their smart devices to log into a website. From there, they are able to participate in a variety of games competing or working together with their friends and family.
  2. Charades. Pick a topic and act it out! Charades is a great family game, and pretty easy to play on a zoom video call. Check out this Charades word generator!
  3. Pictionary. Similar to Charades, there are many Pictionary word generators out there!
Office area

Plan a Winter Games Day Outdoors

Staying outdoors is a perfect way to enjoy a gathering, but still social distance. Once the first snow falls, it will be a great time to plan a family snowball fight, sledding, or a snowman building competition. This year is all about thinking outside of the box when it comes to thinking about gathering ideas!

Enjoy this fireplace with family and friends

Social Distance in a Screen Room with Open Air

Screen rooms are very functional additions to any home. They are usable throughout most seasons, and there are ways to add comfort to a screen room in the winter. Because of the free flowing air, it is a great option to safely host a few friends/family members in this area.

Note: it is important to follow the CDC recommendations to ensure safety. 

Craft Homemade Ornaments

Make decorating your tree even more special this year! Crafting homemade ornaments is a way to make lasting memories. Every year you will be able to look back on the memories, while decorating your tree. This gathering idea for 2020 can be made into a wonderful family tradition!

Drive Through a Christmas Light Display

Thanks to Covid, in 2020 there are many drive through Christmas light displays in St. Louis. This is a great gathering idea for 2020 for many reasons! You are able to escape the cold by staying in your warm car. You are also able to remain at a safe distance from others. Here’s an awesome list we found of Christmas light displays in the St. Louis area!

drive through christmas lights
living room fireplace

Spend a Quiet Night at Home by the Fire

After all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes you need a nice quiet night at home with your loved ones, or by yourself! Relax by the fire, enjoy a nice beverage, and unwind.

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