Maximize your Outdoor Living this Fall and Winter

Over the last few years, outdoor living spaces have become an important feature to have at home. The fall and early winter can be the best times of year to enjoy that outdoor space. Though it can become chilly, there are many features that can be added to help maximize outdoor living. Read below for features to help maximize your outdoor living this fall and winter!


As a more permanent feature, a fireplace is an efficient way to maximize your outdoor living during the cooler seasons. With Flexible options between wood burning and gas fireplaces, this feature can truly help customize your space and keep you warm!

Patio Heaters

A patio heater may be your best bet to help warm up any outdoor area that you want to relax in. Patio heaters are great options to have when enjoying the outdoors. They can be used anywhere outdoors, as they do not require an electrical hook up. They can also be used on a covered patio as long as there is 2-feet of clearance* between the top of the heater and the ceiling.

*It is important to note that every patio heater has different safety requirements. Please make sure to read through the instructions to your specific patio heater.

Vinyl Screens

If you have a covered outdoor room, vinyl screens are a great option for containing warmth. With vinyl screens being fully retractable, they are easily hidden when you do not need them. Vinyl screens also will not obstruct your view!

A unique screen room on a composite deck. The patio level includes an underdeck system and InfraTech heaters. The screen room includes Universal Motions retractable Vinyl walls.

Cabinets to store blankets and cozy items

Simple solutions can sometimes be the best solutions! Create a cozy space by adding cabinets and storage spaces to store blankets. Bundling up outdoors in the fall and early winter can help give you that cozy feeling.

Header Mounted Heaters

Many projects that Heartlands creates include header mounted heaters. Heaters of this sort will also work more efficiently when combined with other features. You can combine with the above, like vinyl screens, patio heaters, fireplaces, and bundling up with blankets!

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