5 Not-So-Spooky Spaces

After a long and hot summer, many are thrilled that fall is approaching! There is something about the cool air, trees changing colors, and of course, pumpkin-spice lattes, that everyone seems to be fond of. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors, so why not start planning a not-so-spooky space to enjoy next fall?

See below for 5 Not-So-Spooky Spaces that make for an easy transition into the fall!

pool-side room with fireplace

A Patio Perfect for Bonfires

What screams fall more than a gorgeous patio with a fire pit? Add a few Adirondack Chairs, and you are set up for a perfect space that can be used throughout the spring, summer and fall! This not-so-spooky space will be a focal point to make many memories last throughout the years.

decorative concrete patio with fire pit

Add a Screen Room That Will Warm Up Your Space

Fireplaces are perfect features to help your screen room transition from the warmer seasons into the cooler seasons. There is nothing like enjoying the outdoors while still indoors! Screen rooms do just that. They give you protection from bugs and pests, but allow you to enjoy the sights and smells of the outdoors. Adding a fireplace will help add comfort on those chilly fall nights!

screen room with fireplace

Beautiful Free-Standing Fireplace on a Patio

Add even more comfort to a patio by adding a full-sized free-standing fireplace. This fireplace helps add warmth and comfort. If you choose to mount a TV on it, it becomes the perfect place to host an outdoor, spooky movie night, in a not-so-spooky space!

free-standing fireplace

Convenient Covered Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Area

Host your next Halloween party in this not-so-spooky space! Having a covered patio with an outdoor kitchen, bar area, and fireplace allows you to have flexibility throughout the seasons. If you choose a fireplace to be added near the kitchen/bar area, it allows you to stay cozy, while enjoying the cool, crisp, fall air!

outdoor kitchen and bar area
outdoor bar area

Pool-Side Covered Patio

Pool-side covered patios have the flexibility to be used during the fall, even when the pool is closed. If there is a fireplace tied together with the covered patio, it helps add comfort throughout the cooler seasons. To extend your outdoor use even more, adding retractable screens, retractable vinyl screens, and/or outdoor patio heaters are all options!

covered pool side patio with fireplace

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