Fireplace Renovations to Warm Up Your Home

Undoubtedly, December is the perfect time of year to light a fire in a fireplace. There is something about having Christmas decorations up near a fire that adds to the whole holiday experience. The holiday season is also the best time of year to snuggle up next to a warm fire. Furthermore, it is important to create a fire feature in your home that you truly love. To do this, you may have to consider adding a fireplace or renovations to an existing unit to warm up your home.

Entertaining During the Holidays

If you plan on entertaining family and friends during this holiday season, remember that fireplaces are inviting. People are naturally drawn to sources of warmth, especially during this time of year. Having a fireplace that you are happy with, love the look of and one that provides enough warmth is important throughout the winter. It is time to consider updating, adding or renovating your fireplace! 

12 Fireplace Renovations to Warm Up Your Home

View below 12 photos and inspirations of fireplace renovations to warm up your home this holiday season.

1. Spend this Christmas with your family and friends around this gorgeous fireplace.
Enjoy this fireplace with family and friends
2. Snuggle up with your loved ones around this beautiful fireplace.
snuggle up next to loved ones next to this fireplace
3. Ponder the idea of giving your deck a cozy feel for the holidays with an enchanting fireplace.
fireplace that gives this deck a cozy feel
4. Warm up your home with a welcoming fire feature.
A very welcoming fireplace
5. Picture your Christmas tree sitting next to this gorgeous fireplace – you may never want to take the tree down.
Put your Christmas tree next to this fireplace
6. Give thought to adding a gas fireplace for ease of use.
gas fireplace
7. Enjoy the outdoors comfortably with an outdoor fireplace.
adding comfort to the outdoors with a beautiful fireplace
8. Make delicious s’mores next to this gorgeous fire pit.
fire pit to warm up your space
9. Give your home a rustic-chic feel with a gorgeous fireplace similar to this one.
rustic-chic feel
10. Enjoy hot coco next to this fireplace after some snow time with family.
warming up after a long day in the snow
11. Add additional warmth to your home by adding a patio/deck heater along with a gas fireplace.
Fireplace and patio/deck heater

12. Create a sense of togetherness with an inviting fireplace.
Create a sense of togetherness for the holiday season

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