Disconnecting from technology in a gorgeous outdoor room

How To Disconnect from Technology & Reconnect with Your Family and Friends

In this day in age, technology surrounds us – at work, at school and even at home. It is difficult to disconnect from technology to spend quality time with your family and friends. When you are with your your family and friends you may be in the same room, but let’s face it – you are not paying attention to the outside world. We are all guilty of it!

Follow these steps to finally learn how to disconnect from technology at home!

Step One: Envision A Space Without Technology

Picture this – you get home from work, head to your back yard, and there is a gorgeous outdoor room with retractable screens. It is beautifully furnished, there is a fireplace for when it gets cold, and you can raise your screens up so that you can feel the cool summer night breeze. On the edge of this room, there is an outdoor kitchen with a grill, beverage cooler, and stainless-steel cabinets and drawers. While looking around at this enchanting space and enjoying your evening beverage, the aroma of tonight’s dinner on the grill surrounds you – you feel at peace.

If you had this space, just imagine how easy it would be to disconnect from technology and enjoy the outdoors. You would be able to enjoy quality family time, or just relax by yourself.

Step Two: Create a Space to Reconnect

Creating a space for togetherness with your family and friends is a good way to disconnect from technology. If you have a space that you truly love in your home, it is easier to make it a “no phone space”.

When creating a “no phone space”, remember to add features that will enhance your experience. For example, if you love to entertain, consider adding an outdoor room with a grilling and beverage center. If you add this, it gives you the opportunity to cook for your guests without missing the fun.

Step Three: Plan Fun and Exciting Activities

Plan fun and exciting activities in this new space so that everyone is more inclined to utilize the space! Here are a few ideas of things to do at home:

  • A good way to plan an activity in an outdoor kitchen would be to have a designated day for a family dinner.
  • If there is a fireplace in your space, plan to bring the family together and make yummy indoor s’mores with your kids and/or grandkids.
  • In your outdoor space, plan a game night. Bring out those cards and board games that have been collecting dust! TIP: to make it even more fun, make it a potluck game night.
  • Host a wine and cheese night. This is the perfect opportunity to put that beverage cooler in your outdoor kitchen to good use!
  • Plan a movie night with your family in the outdoor space. If it is a nice night, raise the retractable screens so you are surrounded by the sound of nature.

Step Four: Put Your Dreams into Action

Adding a space like this in your home is not an impossible task. It is also a great space to disconnect from the fast world of technology. Spending time with your family, friends, and kids will help disconnect from technology by creating an area that is fun, exciting and engaging. The kind of days or nights you plan will set the tone for this space.

If you plan activities with your kids in it, they are more likely to peel themselves away from the video games and their phones to enjoy time with their family.

Step Five: Let Us Help You

Let Heartlands Building Company help you! Since 2002, we have become known as a designer and builder of custom outdoor living areas, with over 2,500 satisfied customers. Our success is fueled by our passion for delivering quality.

We focus on listening to our valued customers to fully understand how they will use their outdoor living spaces. Customers’ thoughts and desires are compiled into a design document and are incorporated into the final building plans.

When you come to us and explain that you want a designated space to disconnect from technology, we know exactly what to do. For your FREE no commitment consultation please call (636) 728-0003. We look forward to helping you disconnect from technology & reconnect with your family and friends.

disconnect with technology in an outdoor room with a kitchen
outdoor room fireplace and grill to disconnect with technology in
reconnect with your family and friends during a family dinner
enjoy a family dinner in an outdoor room with retractable screens
cook and serve your guests without missing the fun with an outdoor room grill

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