Fireplace with retractable screens that help provide warmth during the cooler seasons
covered outdoor room with a fireplace

Enjoying Outdoor Living and the Changing Seasons

If you enjoy the changing seasons, creating outdoor spaces that invite you to join nature on a year-round basis is essential. Think about what you like to do outdoors during cooler seasons. Are you someone who loves to wrap up in a blanket, sit by a fireplace, and view the beauty of the leaves changing colors and falling around you? Or, are you the kind of person that loves to host and enjoy the holiday festivities with family and friends? If either of these scenarios fit you, or you have some of your own, it is important that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year.

How do you see yourself enjoying the outdoors?

It is important to understand how you currently enjoy the outdoors. This includes understanding what amenities would add to your experience and bring you outside to enjoy the beauty of each season. Creating a list of your goals is always beneficial to blend the architecture and flow of the area with your vision.

The current setting of your home, the exposure to weather and how you wish to extend your outdoor season will come together and provide the basis for the design process to commence. Most of the time, having a covered outdoor space will provide more comfort, whether it is summer or winter.

Comfortable seating in a fully retractable screen room that includes a fireplace

Do you love wrapping up in a blanket and sitting by the fire during cooler seasons?

It is time to start thinking of what you can add to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year. Consider adding a heat source such as infrared or gas heaters, a fireplace, or a fire pit. Adding heat sources will help increase your comfort throughout the year.

Just imagine having a TV mounted over the fireplace while you comfortably watch the Cardinals Fall Classic and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. This experience may even give you the same feeling you had when the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup Championship.

custom outdoor room fireplace with a built in grill and wood shelf
outdoor grilling and beverage center perfect for watching the Cardinals Fall Classic

Do you love to host and enjoy holiday festivities with family and friends?

There are many features that you can add to ease the stress of entertaining in your outdoor room all year. Think about adding comfortable seating, dining areas, and/or a grilling and beverage center.

One Idea to consider if you do plan to enjoy this space during the holidays is the addition of a retractable screen. This will allow you to fit multiple tables and seating areas adjacent to each other. You will be able to raise the screens and put the tables where the screen was. This allows the entire family to visit more easily during holiday dinners.

Think of other solutions.

Instead of adding a heating element, there are many other solutions to blocking the cold wind from your outdoor space. One solution is to add a retractable vinyl barrier to help block the cooler winds.

It is also important to have your space covered. An outdoor fireplace is more effective when there are walls, protective barriers, and ceilings and/or coverings to help contain the heat that the fireplace gives off. This will help you enjoy your outdoor room all year.

Retractable outdoor room

Delivering quality-built spaces for you to enjoy all year.

For the past 17 years, we have specialized in the design and building of custom outdoor living areas. Our projects have ranged from patios and decks to screen rooms and pool houses. With over 2,500 satisfied customers, the past projects show the depth of our design abilities and on-going passion to deliver quality.

Heartlands has helped families across the Greater St. Louis area create their dream outdoor spaces and we stand ready to help you.

Covered screen room that helps contain heat from the fireplace
Covered outdoor room with comfortable seating by the fireplace

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